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We’ve always been huge fans of Miami and we shocked to learn about some of the water issues in Florida. We started a water business in Texas back in 2016 that grew to be a big success. We decided to bring our experience to Miami and start a water store here. With an accumulated 50 years of experience in the water purification business, our officers know how to source the quality systems that keep our customers satisfied for years to come. When it comes to clean, healthy water, there isn’t a problem we can’t fix. We bring this experience to you to ensure that you’re getting the best quality equipment for your money.

Protect the Health of Your Family

The dangers of contaminated water are not to be taken lightly. More than 60,000 chemicals are used in various applications throughout the US. Over 2,100 of these chemicals have been found in our own water supplies. Exposure to these contaminants can cause headaches, brain fog, metabolic dysfunction, cancer, and even death.

Not all of these harmful chemicals are regulated by the entities entrusted with this responsibility. Leaving you and your family at potential risk for minor and serious long-term health complications. Unfortunately, this puts the burden on us to avoid exposure.

Hard Water

Mineral deposits in water are natural. Sometimes these deposits can build to levels that create issues for your health and the effectiveness of the products you buy. Left unresolved, this can decrease the effectiveness of detergents and other solvents, cause premature skin damage and other dehydration-like symptoms (dehydration, even when triggered through exposure to elements, is a precursor to long-term health complications). We source quality home water softeners to remove mineral buildup in your water. 

Cloudy Contaminants

Water can become contaminated from manufactured and natural sources. Waste disposal from construction sites, neighborhood flooding, and heavy storms can be causes for disruptions in the local ecology and civil systems, causing cross-contamination that may be difficult to detect and treat. Our systems empower you as the consumer to ensure your getting the best water to keep yourself healthy.

Chemical Contamination

Our local water supply is treated with chemicals for various commercial and personal applications. Some of the most well-known treatments are Chlorine in swimming pools and fluoride added at water treatment centers to promote better dental health. Realistically, it can be challenging to track all incidences of contamination in an aging water system. Our FREE WATER TESTS provide the opportunity to analyze your water system and get on your way to better hydration.

Funky Taste or Smells

We are intimate with water and can tell when something is not quite right. Sometimes water can taste metallic, earthy or musty, or have a rotten egg smell. All these tastes and smells are a sign of contamination that may lead to more complicated health issues. Properly investigate anything suspicious to verify what you are putting in your body.

What Our Filtration Systems Do for You

Our filtration systems have been carefully selected for quality and effectiveness. Our selection includes Ultraviolet Light Sterilization Systems, Reverse Osmosis Treatment Systems, Commercial Filtration Systems, and multiple proprietary filtration systems that take your water and health to the next level. Regularly drinking filtered and specifically minerally treated water has proven health benefits and is backed by over 35+ years of testimonial benefits, including reversals from an almost universal array of diseases and health conditions.

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