Your Clean Water Gives Others Clean Water.

We believe in giving back and supporting strong communities. Working together to help connect more people with access to clean water. As a customer of Miami Alkaline Water, you are helping connect the community of El Maizal, Dominican Republic with access to clean water.


‘Congratulations on the success of your first project to provide clean water to 46 families in El Maizal!’
It’s wonderful to hear that our website raised $5,981.95 to make this possible. Your efforts and the support of those who contributed have undoubtedly made a significant and positive impact on the community.
This is a great achievement, and I’m sure it has made a meaningful difference in the lives of those families. Thank you for your dedication to this important cause, and we wish you continued success in your future endeavors to provide clean water to those in need!
~ Your Miami Alkaline Water Team

Stay Tuned For Our Next Project!